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Owned and Operated by the Burgess Family since 1948

Monday - Saturday

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"For in our young people lies the growth and future of our county" - Bob Burgess

Callao Supermarket opened its doors with Paul Burgess on February 13, 1948 in a two-story building owned at that time by Cabbot Dawson.


The store's grand opening in 1948 brought a total of $800 in two days. As sales increased and business grew, the Burgess' built a new store where the old metal frame firehouse used to be.


The metal building was purchased and moved behind the new store to be used for storage in 1951.

Over the years, the Burgess' have changed the face of Callao with land acquisitions and new construction. When the supermarket outgrew the building build in 1951, the Burgess' bought the old Thrift property and built a new store.

"I believe in progress, you can't make anything out of old buildings in a business district. We have torn down, but built better", Robert Burgess, Sr.


The second store was soon outgrown and so they doubled its size, built it deeper and expanded further to take over the variety store. A new modern looking brick and aluminum front added 850 square feet to the store. Office space in the form of a 12 x 20 cinder block addition, as well as a 2400 square foot storage building, and 1000 square foot deli section in the rear of the store.

Callao Supermarket has grown through four generations, from 3 employees in 1948 to 30, four phases of building from quart sales of molasses and coal oil to a modern supermarket.

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